Modern wooden Light Fixtures, Sconces and Ceiling Lights combine the warmth and natural beauty of wood with sleek, contemporary design elements. The right lighting choice helps to illuminates your interior design as well as highlights your homes special features. When choosing the right lighting for your home, consider the four main types - ambient, task, accent, and decorative.

Ambient Lighting is the general lighting that is used to evenly light up a room.

Where to use Ambient Lighting

--Every room in your home

--Towards the center of the room

--Closer to the ceiling to diffuse light more effectively

Task Lighting is used to help with specific activities, like reading, cooking, or studying.

Where to use Task Lighting 

--Study or office: Desk lamps

--Kitchen: Under cabinets and shelves

--Bedroom: Reading lamps

--Bathroom: Vanity lighting

Accent Lighting is used to highlight specific features in a room, like entrances, plants, artworks, or fireplaces.

Where to use Accent Lighting

--Highlight and draw attention to a feature such as artwork or plants

--Highlight architectural elements

--As decorative lighting

Decorative Lighting is used purely for aesthetic purposes, to add an extra touch of style.

Where to use Decorative Lighting

--In an entrance

--Over a dining room table

--In a living room

--Wall sconces on either side of the bed or fireplace

Our modern wooden Light Fixtures and Sconces provide a unique and stylish design element that can add warmth and natural beauty to any space while also incorporating contemporary design elements. Whether you're looking for a pendant light or wall sconce modern light fixtures and sconces can add a touch of modern elegance to any room.