About Us

Welcome to Hammer And Nail Studios!

Our products started off focused on designs that offered solutions for small spaces, which drove great creativity. With growing customer interest in our custom design and innovative builds, we have evolved and expanded in techniques, style, and materials. We have talented design, engineering, and fabricators on staff.

Quality foremost - Style embellished throughout.

Quality and craftsmanship - This we will not compromise on. We take great pride in the functionality and sturdiness of our products.

Our Style - We leave up to your judgement. Custom designs to match your tastes are more than welcomed.

Background and Experience of our Staff Includes:

  • Background & Training from accredited schools
  • 20+ years of experienced engineering with natural and manufactured materials such as wood, metals, and glass
  • Specializing in Fortune 500 design and functionality
  • 10+ years in Customer Service and Logistics

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