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Very much unlike large industry, we noticed unusual patterns in our product development process. Desired functions and needs flow into formalized product designs by force and rigor in big business. Our head designer/engineer has decades of this type of experience. Moving out from underneath those financial and marketing pressures has allowed an organic growth of the path itself.

 Consistently we’ve seen a more natural pattern occur. With the changing of seasons there has very typically been a renewed creativity in us. A torrent of new product concepts come from each major shift in the weather and nature around us. As the first weeks pass a new season sets in and ideas get forged into prototypes. Many ideas fall out early on. As the season sets in, prototypes become models that we personally desire for our own living spaces. At this point rigor and construction quality rule the design.

 Looking back at the time periods that our products had come about it’s clear that 3 major seasonal changes correlate. Spring end of winter, Summer into fall, and Winter cold and snow. The ideas have come naturally and without effort through these shifts. But as all work goes, formalizing the forms into business digestible items takes consistency over inspiration.

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